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ALEXANDRE GAUCHIER pronounced /a.lek’san.dre/ /goh.shee.yay/ is a small women, black owned business designed in NYC.


Growing up there was no such thing as seasons or shopping by trends. We bought what we liked, and we wore them continuously until we weren’t able to wear them anymore. I find myself reaching for the hoodies, crewnecks and tees that I’ve worn since I was in college, some pieces even before then. These pieces were “trendy” in a sense that they consistently seem to remain relevant, relatable or “such as mood” and I wanted to recreate that. Pieces that will always be relatable and pay homage to our roots. Pieces that say what we all want to say, the honest truth.

Unapologetically saying the things that needs to be said. 

I hope you love this collection as much as I did creating it. Please enjoy and, as always, thank you.

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